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Finding beauty in the dissonance.
Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion
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30th-Apr-2011 11:38 pm - 朱: 4日 | ビデオ
[ There is an abient glow of light from a small paper lantern sitting just inside the frame of the video, the curve of it's outside, running off outside the viewers view. Next to in, just a few feet away is a tea cup, tipped over, its contents spilled out over the wooden surface it sits upon. Further away, and the main focus of this video (as of yet) is an orange cat, licking its paw while staring upward.

Flickering into the frame is a small, buzzing light, and the rapt attention of the feline, who pounces, but is caught by Itachi mid jump.

You will knock over the lantern doing that, just as you have already spilt my tea. Inside with you, cat.

[ The sound of a door closing and footsteps come from off screen, until a towl drops to the puddle of tea, and a hand drops over the turn off the device]
6th-Feb-2011 06:50 pm - 朱: 3日 | ビデオ
Your stupid. It hurts
[ Hello Adstring, have you missed Itachi? Well, even if you don't he's sitting at a table, a steaming cup of tea in his hands. He looks perturbed, offset by the in and out fading of little hearts in the bubble above him.

He lists a hand to wave it away, but with no such luck. Unfortunately.

I suppose these Animus' are children. Or something akin to.

[ He stands with a sigh, leaving viewers with nothing but the view of his lone tea cup until the video cuts into static and then nothing. ]
3rd-Jan-2011 01:15 am - 朱: 2日 | ビデオ
Waiting for the inevitable
Itachi is sitting, his hair free from binding, and slightly damp, pieces of his bangs sticking to his cheeks. others to his forehead. Reaching over a small table, Itachi picks something up off screen, and somewhere near the mic on the PCD there is a small clatter, as though a tiny item dropped against the wood. It is this he picks up, along with the hair band. The band is wrapped around four of his fingers, but between his index and thumb he holds a small earring, in the shape of a crow.

He stares at the tiny earring for a moment before putting it back down. He can't exactly wear it, since he doesn't have the piercing to go along with it, but he doesn't throw it away either. The remainder of the feed is simply him turning away, and using his fingers to pull his hair back into a ponytail, cutting off just as he pulls the long, dark strands through the first loop.
11th-Dec-2010 01:13 pm - 朱: 1日 | ビデオ
Behind the eyes of a fallen angel
[ A frown, barely pressed into the corners of thin lips, not even reaching his eyes; eyes that almost glow a deep red, like freshly spilled blood, and a pattern of three small tomoe vivid against their crimson backdrop.

A shift of movement, and the lens blurs and refocuses on black material, printed with red clouds, lined in white, and further down sandaled feet, toenails pained in a deep purple. They step forward, quickly, but steady, almost a determined pace. They pause after a while, stopping just as suddenly as they had started when the lens blurs again, looking back up at the face of the person holding the device.

If this is indeed a communicator, and it is transmitting like it says, information on my location and the reason I have been brought here is requested.

[ Fingers cover the lens, and eventually the screen cuts to black ]
Brothers of a unique bond
[When the feed starts, both Sasuke and Itachi are shown. He's healthy. just the right paleness, and all around very healthy. You wouldn't have known he almost died just by looking at him.

He's standing by the night stand, digging through a small knapsack he had stolen from someone, and from it pulls out a black brush with red bristles.]

Just because you can't see doesn't mean you can't take care of yourself.

[He tosses the bag onto the floor and sits on the edge of the bed, next to the other occupant of the room.]

[ Itachi watched, or what looked like watching. In reality he simply followed the sound of of Sasuke moving about the room, a frown pressed into the corners of his lips ]

I take care of myself just fine. But if you are so worried for the condition of my hair, I can simply cut it off.

[ Of course he would never do such a thing, even though he twirls a single kunai around his finger as if emphasizing his suggestion ]

Very funny. It's called hygiene.

[He'll bat the kunai away playfully before pulling the red hair tie - which he recalled took a strenuous effort to steal ten years ago - from the long pony tail and placed it around his wrist. It was a mundane task to fret about, truly, and something Sasuke never really cared to do himself, but while he had been recovering he had gotten sick of not being able to do anything on his own. Who better to fuss over than your brother?

Once the hair tie was out of the way, Sasuke began to brush, working his way from the bottom up.]

Though I may need to borrow the kunai to cut my own. As much as I look up to you, I'd rather not want my hair long like yours.

It is clean. Just knotted.

[ His head tilted forward, letting Sasuke pull the band from his hair, the knotted strands falling in clumps, a contrast of how it used the just fall in a smooth curtain of dark tresses ]

It would be hard to imagine you with long hair.

[ Not to mention that if it grew out Itachi has feeling it would look frighteningly similar to Madara's ]

Hn. I'd rather not look like Madara, thank you.

[And he'll keep brushing, content to do just this if it helps his brother in some small way.]

You're feeling fine today?

[ Itachi gave a light chuckle. Apparently There thoughts were amongst the same.

But his visible relaxes the more Sasuke brushes, the tension in his back and neck being brushed away with the tangles in his hair

As well as can be expected.

Good. [Sasuke continues with the task until finally, after several minutes, he's done.]

I assume you want it back up as well.

[ Absently his fingers ran through his hair. It had been sever weeks since he was able to do so without his fingers getting caught in a mess of knots ]

You have done enough, otouto. I can put it back up myself.

[And unlike ten years ago, Sasuke handed over the hair tie without fuss.] Hn.
Past surprises
[ Unintentionally, the feed clicks on showing fingers sliding over its surface and pulling away, showing Itachi walking away.

It isn't long, but it shows long enough, his hand blindly finding the edge of the bed, laying a small box, what looks like a leather sheath.

He walks back toward the pda, picking it up and leaving, the grip of his fingers turning it off.

[[ooc: backdated to Yesterday, because I fail like that |D;; ]]
... /facepalm
[ Itachi is idly playing the the communicator in one hand, while in his other hand is a book. His concentrating is fully on the book however, so when his finger slips and turns the pda on, he's none the wiser to it. The book is nothing to interesting, the outside old and worn, the pages on the inside are stained, and some are torn. But it is something to read, at least. Even if it isn't anything to stimulating, it's enough to keep his hands and his mind occupied.

For a little while, at least.

That is to say, a few seconds into the video, and a few pages in -if the slim stack of paged pressed neatly under his thumb is any indication- Itachi closes the book with a quick snap setting it, along with the pda on his bed, using one hand to rub at his eyes as he walks out of view. The only other thing seen if a brief flash of red and black before a door is slammed shut a few seconds later. Silence resides until it times out and shuts its self off

[[ooc: his responses will be timed a few hours after this]]
Shaded thoughts
[ Itachi is staring silently at the little communicator, his eyes a little distant; thoughtful. He's up high, the sky as his backdrop, well after twilight. He looks almost...weary, like one that hasn't slept much. Not that one can could blame him here. But this is a problem that has existed for far longer the that

He turns away after a moment, looking out across the town, fingers drumming lightly against the edge of the roof that he's leaning against, looking down into the blurry darkness below

The only thing absent is the sound of drums.
19th-Feb-2010 07:14 pm - 朱: 黒毒血
Need an anchor to reality
[ Settling in, or trying to will have to wait for now. That is, because at the moment Itachi, whom is topless at the moment, is sitting below a window, eyes closed in a meditative start. He looks completely relaxed and unaware. One might think but he's very away, but oblivious that he's being recorded at this time...

...Which isn't so good for him because after a few seconds his torso shudders and his eyes snap open, hand flying to cover the hollow, aching, hacking cough that has rose up in his chest, erupting from between his lips. Luckily it doesn't last long, a few minutes at most, his hand wiping at his lips with the heel of his palm as chilling crimson eyes fall on the device, narrowing into an icy glare

Vexatious contraption.

[ That voice is a deal rougher then normal, his other hand falling over the screen, promptly ending the video ]
I hold my past in my arms
[ Silence lingers for a moment before the subtle clearing of a throat. Even after that there is a few long moments of more silence before he finally speaks. ]

Things have been calm, as of late. The silence almost makes me miss my usual company back at home.


Sasuke, are you still here?

[ A small, thoughtful 'Hm' before there is more silence and the feed cuts ]
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